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Patio Table with Ice Chest

Who needs to buy Christmas gifts when you have power tools?!? I built this patio table for my mother for Christmas. Like much of what I build, I found it on Ana Whites website. The center inserts can be removed to reveal two plastic planters. The idea is to use them as ice chests but you were make floral centerpieces I suppose. We loved the table and I plan on building two more for myself since this one was a gift.

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That's awesome! We're big fans of DIY gifts and Ana's plans too. It turned out beautifully!

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I made this for my mother for Christmas, but now I'm working on two more for myself. We're going for slightly longer and with 4X4 legs. The idea of making two was a compromise to the thought about making a really long patio table. We can put two end to end and have the best of both worlds

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